Thursday, July 21, 2016


Staying in Seattle for six weeks, its been long and lonely, its hard finding friends at home where I'm surrounded by peers, not because I'm unsocial as I have in the past been accused of, but I just can't quite make a connection with most people I'm surrounded by.
So six weeks here is a long time, and Im not entirely are where I am supposed to go to meet these people, the community center? Did that, and unfortunately and predictably adults stop creating events, day camps, art classes and such at around the age of 12, maybe on a few of them you could push it to the age cap being 15 roughly. I don't blame them, I can understand how a portion of my age group would have zero interest in a day camp during the summer. Most people seem to be fairly versatile in making friends, being able to just go talk to people, well I am not quite that bold. Plus since there is not anything for me at the community center, where do I go?
Church right? before arriving weeks ago I contacted a few churches in the area, I emailed them about youth groups and had high hopes, I'll go meet some people, come out with a couple people that I continue talking to, meet them again the next week at the next meeting and then bam, friends who want to go chill, show me around right?! I was stoked, feeling prepared, ready and knowing whats coming, though unfortunately that isn't quite the story. I emailed these youth group leaders and none of them ever got back to me. And soon I found myself here, in the middle of seattle alone, and not quite sure where to go to change it.
So my question is, how do you meet people, how do you walk up to someone and tell them that you are lonely and want someone to be your companion, even just for a walk in the park. Is there an "E-harmony" for friendships? As a young women how do I meet people who A: wont kidnap me, because thats what happened all the cop shows my dad had me watch before I left, so I could know how the real world worked (maybe not the most realistic definition of the city) and B: have a good sense of humor and a lot of free time because I sure have all the free time in the world. I tried for a job, as soon as I arrived, and I got a call immediately, it sounded really solid, so I didn't continue applying, well my bad. The next week at my interview the man wouldn't leave the length I would be a resident alone, (TIP: If you want a job for a 6 week period and your from out of the area don't write the high school you attend, especially if its in an entirely different state, its not a helping cause in that job taking case).
I'll be honest, I'm halfway considering putting an add on Crigs list: FRIEND WANTED, but could you imagine the feed back you would receive. Nothing I'm looking for I assume.